Tuesday, August 21, 2007

2007 River's Edge Film Festival Award-Winners

Best Short Film:

My Name is Wallace
Run Time 18 Minutes
Director: Bob Pondillo

Wallace Waverly is a socially sheltered, high functioning mentally
challenged man who has lived with his mother all his life. Upon her
death, Wallace finds himself alone and lonesome, rattling around in
mom's mother all his life. Upon her death, Wallace finds himself
alone and lonesome, rattling around in mom's big, old Victorian home.
Wallace's days now consist of playing ragtime on the family piano and
gazing out the front window. One day, as he browses through the
personal section of a newspaper, he sees an ad that reads, "Lonely?
Need Love? Call 1-900-HOT BABES". Wallace, takes the ad literally,
dials the number and falls in love with Tiffany, the 900 sex-line
operator he encounters. "My Name is Wallace," while a sweet and
touching comedy, is also the story of personal salvation through love.

Best Feature Length Film:

Last Stop for Paul
Run Time: 80 Minutes
Director: Neil Mandt

Cliff and Charlie work together selling bathroom supplies. Charlie's
the seasoned traveler, having been to over 50 countries before his
30th birthday. Cliff dreams of traveling but always finds an excuse
not to go. When Charlie asks Cliff to go to the Full Moon Party in
Thailand, it is no surprise to anyone when Charlie is rejected.
Things suddenly change when Cliff gets a phone call informing him that
one of his childhood friends died unexpectedly. At the funeral, Cliff
learns his buddy had been planning a trip around the world. Cliff
decides to make sure his friend still makes that trip, even if it
means carrying his ashes in a thermos to do it. Together, all three
embark on a trip of a lifetime.

Best of The Fest:

Run Time: 90 Minutes
Director: Mickey Blaine

Two strangers meet at a coffee shop for what seems like a blind date.
But as the conversation progresses, it becomes clear that this couple,
who have never seen each other face to face and who met on the
Internet, have actually formed a suicide pact. Problems arise when
the couple realizes that they may have finally found something worth
living for. Comprised of three continuous takes (one take for each
act) and shot over the course of two days, Commit is witty and
disturbing, as well as an inspirational achievement in independent
film making.

Jurors Awards:

Northern Kingdom
Director: Dorothy Lyman

Finding Kraftland
Directors: Adam Shell, Richard Kraft

Semper Fi, One Marine's Journey
Director: Vince DiPersio

Autumn's Harvest
Director: David Marshall

Director: Tommy Brandon

Director: John Cernak

Avery Crounse Award:

A Still Life
Director: Tom Parrish

Honorable Mentions:

One Eyed Marky and the Gay Caballeros
Director: America Palacios

Cough Drop
Director: Kristina Lear

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